Cash Loans

Revolving Credit

  • It is a type of loan that allows the customer to withdraw and deposit money at any time within a certain limit in order to meet the short-term loan needs.
  • Interest is accrued and collected in quarterly periods.
  • These are the loans that are sensitive to the interest rate changes in the market.

Spot Credit

  • It is a type of loan to meet short-term immediate cash needs.
  • The loan amount, interest rate and maturity are determined on the date of use and do not change until the end of the term.
  • It allows you to borrow at a fixed rate in changing market conditions.
  • The loan is closed at the end of maturity together with the principal and interest.

Installment Commercial Loans

  • These are the loans that can be used in purchasing goods with cash in advance and meeting the needs of the business.
  • These are the installment loans that are made available in a specific term and within the framework of a payment schedule, and whose payments can be made flexibly or fixedly.

Foreign Currency Indexed Loans

  • These are loans that are indexed to a specific foreign currency, made available in TL at the prevailing foreign exchange buying rates, and collected in TL by calculating the principal and interest repayment amount, the indexed currency type and amount. Foreign Currency Indexed Loans can also be used as spot or installment loans.

Tax Foreign Currency Loan

  • As a collateral receivables held for foreign exchange and branches in Turkey / or Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member countries' central governments and central banks or to exceed the foreign currency equivalent securities issued by them bail trade and currency disbursed for the purpose of vocational loans or average are foreign currency loans of 5 million USD or more with a maturity of more than one year.

Non-Cash Loans

Bid Bonds

  • These are the letters of guarantee addressed to the contracting authority and guarantee that the beneficiary will sign the contract related to the tender and submit the performance bond in the event that the work awarded is above the beneficiary.

Performance Securities

  • These are the letters of guarantee given that the contract and specification provisions regarding the tender work will be fully fulfilled.

Advance Payment Guarantees

  • These are letters of guarantee given to guarantee the advances paid to the beneficiary in order to cover the expenses related to this preparation and subsequently deducted from the final remuneration, in cases where preparation is required in advance for the tender work.

Free Topic Letters of Guarantee

  • Letters of guarantee issued to different authorities and other real or legal persons for situations that differ from the subjects of the letter of guarantee on tender.

  • Free Topic letters of guarantee
    Letters of guarantee addressed to customs
    Letters of guarantee addressed to Courts and Enforcement Offices
    Letters of guarantee addressed to tax offices
    Letters of guarantee on dealership guarantee
    Letters of guarantee regarding the purchase of goods
    Letters of guarantee for cash supply
    Letters of guarantee on deposit and security deposit

External (Overseas) Warranties

  • Letters of guarantee issued to foreign counterparts.