Never respond to e-mails that ask for your personal and financial information (such as your account, customer or TR number) using the Nurolbank name and logo. Your logins to Internet Banking are recorded for your security.

Security Measures for Internet Banking

  • Access must be provided by typing "" in the browser address bar, and make sure that the Internet Branch address starts with "". All Internet Banking pages must have a lock sign in the lower or upper right corner of your browser. When the sign is clicked, there should be statements stating that the page is encrypted with SSL and that the site belongs to Nurolbank.
  • If you do not make any transactions for 5 minutes during your Internet Banking session, a warning window will appear and you will be asked whether you want to continue the transactions. If you do not respond to this window within 1 minute or click "Log Out", you will be logged out. If you choose to continue with the transactions, your session will continue from where it left off.
  • Do not make your internet banking transactions from public places (internet cafe, etc.) or computers belonging to other people whose security you are not sure of. There is a risk that various programs are installed on public computers that are used to obtain your account information and personal passwords.
  • Some software that has emerged recently can record (“log”) every key pressed on the computer keyboard. It is recommended to use the "Virtual Keyboard" security application when logging into Internet Banking, in order not to be adversely affected by this type of software, which can be found especially in places where computers are used multiple times (such as internet cafes, workplaces...). This application allows you to enter the digit part of the Internet Banking user name and password by clicking the keys on the "virtual keyboard" with the mouse.
  • Never share your personal information such as Internet Banking Username and Password with third parties. Do not keep this information in writing.
  • When logging out of Internet Banking, make sure to use the "Secure Exit" button and close the window after making sure that you have exited Internet Banking.

Internet Banking login, SMS Verification

The "Security Code" is sent as an SMS to the mobile phone number of the customer registered in our system. SMS Verification is performed by entering the Security Code on the screen by the user.

  • The Security Code is for single use only.
  • Attention should be paid to the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • The screen entry must be made within 3 minutes.

Why Security Code?

  • To use SMS Verification, it is sufficient to have your mobile phone with you.
  • Since the application is independent of your user information and the Security Code will be sent to your own mobile phone, the transactions you have determined cannot be performed by anyone other than you.