In terms of Bank Management Practice Procedures and Principles regarding public disclosure and transparency, as determined in our Corporate Governance Ethical Rules Regulation, which was prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Corporate Governance Principles of Banks published by the BRSA and approved by the Board of Directors of our Bank,

  • Equality; The bank management treats shareholders and stakeholders equally in all its activities and prevents possible conflicts of interest,
  • Transparency; The approach to publicly disclose financial and non-financial information about the Bank in a timely, accurate, complete, understandable, interpretable, and easily accessible manner at low cost, except for trade secrets and information that has not yet been disclosed to the public,
  • Responsibility; That all activities executed by the Banks’ management on behalf of the Bank are in accordance with our articles of association, internal regulations and legislation
  • Accountability; That the Members of the Board operate with the core belief that any and all actions are made with transparency and corporate governance with full accountability.

NurolBank and its employees continue to work within the framework of The Banks Association of Turkey Principles of Ethics while targeting to be the best investment Bank in Turkey. TBB Banking Ethical Principles